Frequently Asked Questions

  1. BulletWhy should I hire New Way Construction for my new home project? Won’t it just cost me more money than if I do it myself?

Perhaps. If you hire us you will be paying for our services, but it’s a smart thing to do because it simply is money well spent. We believe very much in the value of what we do for our customers at New Way, and we believe you will too. We define value as the worth of what you receive relative to what you spend. New Way allows you to enjoy many of the benefits of hiring a new home contractor without paying the 'normal' price.

Of course we charge for our services (after all, we are in business to make a profit) but the amount that we charge is directly related to the service we provide. We don’t charge the same mark-up you would normally pay to a new home builder because we aren’t completing the entire job. We charge based on the proportion of the total project that we are doing for you; getting your home to Lock-Up. The rest is up to you, and the money you would normally pay to a builder to complete a home from Lock-Up stage to completion is money you are going to keep in your own pocket.

  1. BulletI was told that it cost nothing to hire New Way Construction! How can that be true?

In a busy new home market like Saskatoon’s it is actually possible that New Way Construction’s services could cost you nothing more out of pocket (once your total project is completed) then if you had built entirely on your own. While in some cases we can actually save you a lot of money over building on your own, we generally don’t want to make that claim.

Smart new home owners understand why New Way Construction is the best way to go in today’s building climate:

We’ll get the job done. Fast.

In today’s busy new home construction market, costs really do increase month to month. A six month delay while a sub-trade gets around to your new home project can mean an increase in costs measured in tens of thousands of dollars. Throughout 2007 a three month delay in a new home project in Saskatoon would result in increased costs greater than what New Way Construction charges to get an average home to Lock-Up. Many sub-trades are telling self-contractors and small builders to expect a wait of six to twelve months for their services! If you are building a new home, you can pay for our services and have your home done sooner, or spend the same amount of money (or more) and wait six months! If you choose to wait, you will have spent the money anyway and missed out on all of the benefits we just outlined above. What sense does that make?

We generate profits by saving money you simply can’t.

Who’s going to get the best price; an independent, or an on-going volume builder that knows the industry and how to best work with busy sub-trades and material supply companies? Because of our volume purchasing, we obtain lumber, concrete, windows and doors at a price that no independent buyer can compete with. You benefit from these savings because we add our mark-up to our cost, not to the price that you would have to pay. This means that you get all of the benefits of hiring New Way Construction for a price that may be comparable to what you would have to spend doing the job on your own.

  1. BulletI priced out the cost of building my house plans to Lock-Up and it came out less than
    New Way quoted. What about that?

Aside from the benefits already discussed, it is likely that we have included a number of expenses in the costing of the project, completely aside from a reasonable profit for ourselves, that you haven’t included. These are the ‘little things’ which have a habit of adding up to big amounts, and send inexperienced builders way over budget.

Have you ever started a project with a certain budget in mind, only to incur a whole bunch of additional costs that you hadn’t anticipated? It’s a common experience, and one you certainly don’t want to have when building your new home.

  1. BulletWhat is included in taking a home to Lock-Up?

A lock-up build includes the following:



Foundation/Basement Concrete & any Piles Needed

Crushed Rock and Weeping Tile

Inside and Outside Foundation Wall Damp-Proofing


Basement Grade Beam with Piles and Void Form

Supply of all Rough Framing Materials

Rough Framing Labour to Construct the ‘shell’ of the home

Supply and installation of Windows and Exterior Doors

  1. BulletWhat do I need to get started?

Four things:

  1. The land/building site

  2. Obtain the Building Permit

  3. Arrange for Utility Connections / Have electrical services available

  4. Complete a contract with us and pay your deposit

  1. BulletHow long will the process take?

Three months is typical.

  1. BulletWhat is the connection between New Way Construction Ltd. and Robert Andrew Homes?

After taking clients homes to lock-up in our early years, New Way began also building finished homes under our Concept Home program in 2009, with the first client’s homes being delivered in 2010.  Since that time we have continued to build homes to lock-up, as well as finished homes, but have found that doing both causes confusion for many potential clients.  Many of the unique aspects of taking a home to lock-up were understood to apply to our finished homes, while many of the unique aspects of our Concept Homes Program were assumed to apply to our Build-to-Lock-Up service.  For these and other reasons, it was decided to re-brand our finished homes under the name Robert Andrew Homes.  All finished homes will now be built and sold under the name of Robert Andrew Homes, and all Lock-Up only projects will continue to be done under the name of New Way Construction Ltd.

About Building to Lock-Up