Consultation & Support Services


What if you could have an experienced home builder at your side, ready to guide you, assist when necessary, and help you avoid difficulties – just like having an older brother or sister available to show you the ropes and keep an eye out for you? Would that make it easier for you to undertake the job of general contractor for your own new home?  Of course it would!

New Way Construction Ltd.’s Consultation and Support Services provides you with professional help and peace-of-mind, plus access to resources you’ll need to help solve problems when they occur.

With New Way’s Consultation and Support Services, you will meet regularly with our staff to review your project at each stage along the way.  You’ll receive advice on your construction drawings, about hiring suppliers and sub-trades, reviews of your cost estimates, and guidance in dealing with inspectors, financiers and appraisers.  You will handle your construction project like a pro – because you’ll have one on your team!

You’ll enjoy the support of a courteous, knowledgeable and patient consultant, backed by a team of experts with knowledge in all aspects of residential construction.

Services you can use.

Our Consultation and Support Services are provided in a pre-packaged bundle. This helps you maintain control of your expenses, and you’re not committed to paying more if the value of your project goes up.  Plus, additional help is available if you need it, but you don’t have to pay for it if you don’t.

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Relax and get on with your project!

Introducing a Stress-FREE way to build your own home and save. New Way Construction offers a simple alternative to taking it all on yourself!

Is it feasible (or wise)
to build your own home?

There are lots of reasons to build your own new home yourself; the excitement of being closely involved, the ability to ensure things are done just the way you want them, and the opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars by acting as your own general contractor.

Unfortunately, there are probably just as many reasons to not build on your own; you may lack the required knowledge and experience, it can take significant amounts of time, and perhaps most important – mistakes can cause long delays and be very expensive.

What could go wrong?

Case #1 • “We paid our deposit in good faith.  We didn’t know the contractor was on the brink of financial ruin. We lost our $40,000 deposit and there is no way to recover the money.”

Case #2 • “We hired a framer based on a couple of good references.  We paid him only after the job was finished. Then our house didn’t pass inspection, and now we can’t get the framer to come back and fix the problems, or even find him for that matter.”

Case #3 • “We planned on building the house ourselves. Everything was set to go until the bank informed us that we couldn’t get a construction mortgage because the house wouldn’t have a warranty. How are we supposed to warranty our own home?”

Case #4 • “We hired a fellow to supply the materials and build our house, but we later found out that we could have bought it for $85,000 less. He left us to deal directly with the supplier anyway.”